How to access Netflix from anywhere in the world

Anyone can access Netflix from anywhere in the world, and get unlimited streaming of popular TV shows and movies.  Netflix only officially offers service in a few countries, North and South America, and a few small European countries, but there is a trick to let anyone access Netlifx from any Country!


As long as you have a VISA or Mastercard (and even if you don’t), Netflix doesn’t try very hard to prevent you from signing up.  What they do is check to see what country your computer is in, using something called an IP address.  An IP address is something like the phone number of your computer.  So to access Netflix in your country you need to give your computer an IP address from a country that is officially supported.

There are many services that will let you do this, called VPN providers, which offer something called a VPN.  They will provide your computer, tablet, phone, or any other device that supports a VPN (there are many) with an IP address from almost any country in the world.  So the first thing is to sign up for a VPN (preferably one with a free trial, so with Netflix’s free trial, you can try Netflix for free for one month).

One of the most reliable providers of VPN is HMA VPN. It has a fair good number of access points all around the world and works at good speeds, so you can stream HD media (High Definition) from $6.55 a month with a free trial month. Register with HMA is easy, let’s go through it. First, you go to its website (click here), then select for how long you want to subscribe (1 month, 6 month or 1 year) and click on “order now”.

You will get this registration form:

Once you have filled it in, next screen request you select the payment method:

And that is all you have to do to get you HMA account. Quick, isn’t it? Now you will be logged in. Next screen will request from you to decide what to do:

 And what you want to do is the first option, click on that link, go to the main page (it will ask you to log in again) and then click on “download software on the left side menu. This is the screen you should be looking at:

Choose your operating system, download the software and install it.  Once the installation process is over, you can go to the HMA panel and hit on “country selection”, and select one from the US (Keep in mind that some access points may be more crowded than others, but you can change the access point at any time quickly).

Once you have selected the country, you go back to the dashboard and click on “connect to VPN” on the right side of the screen. When the shield turns green your computer will have a US IP Addres.

Now you can go to Netflix, and access it as if you were in the US, so you will be able to access the Netflix registration form.  You can use your facebook account to connect, or simply fill in your information and click “register”.

Next you have to put in your credit card details (any VISA or Mastercard should work):

And boom! You should be looking at this screen:


Your first month of service is free, and you can cancel either Netflix or the VPN at any time.  At around $14 per month for your VPN and Netflix subscription, it is still a great option for watching TV shows and movies online.  Your VPN can be used to access many other websites in the US that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, adding some great additional value.  Let us know in the comments if everything works out for you!

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